A Sofa is probably the heart of the home. Sofas are amongst the most visible and regularly used pieces of furniture in most homes. At Orienta we offer you an extensive variety of sofas, ranging from different sizes, shapes, styles, colours and materials. The sofa feature various designs in tones such as bacio, straciatella, violet brown, charcoal, camel and mocca as well as bright colours. We will guide you through material and seating options and we will help you to find the best choice for you and your living room. If you are planning to buy a sofa, you can check our help guide about sofa materials (here).

The Orienta range takes into account the need to balance aesthetic beauty and quality. We try to understand your needs and give you a professional hand to find an appropriate sofa. We always face the challenge of finding that balance between quality, design versus price. Ideally, we present spaces that offer a little bit of both, but also which are approachable for those who don’t have an enormous budget. It is suggested when searching for a sofa to measure your available space prior to visiting our showroom - that way we can definitely ensure easy definition of space.