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Black and White Chic
Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Black and white is a bold combination that has incessantly been a staple in the fashion cosmos, constantly finding its way into interior design as well.

The sublimity about this junction lies in balancing beautifully with any decorating style and being very versatile, particularly if you add a little bit of color.


While black serves as a relaxing but at the same time contrasted background, heightening any decorating composition – white reflects a great amount of light, driving black to stand out even more. These colours’ relationship is very strong, and lately it has been the epitome of fancy patterns galore.

Being a very elegant blend, black and white will surely give you the chance to be creative with different forms, colors and textures to put the right accents in your interior. Mixing the calming and dangerous dark with glowing and breathing white will truly bring the best of both worlds into your home. Notice the balance between wall paint and those amazingly crafted interior pieces. Also little bit of yellow adds nice spice touch to the overall look.


While choosing which color black or white should dominate must be based solely on your taste and feel, we strongly suggest you use more white, then black, since that is the way to create a spacious and calming relaxed atmosphere

As you can see even objects like chandelier or mirror can be very nicely mixed in the overall feel. A nice area rug with a little bit of contrast color will feel just like it is a perfect place for it. Don’t forget that there are interior pieces that mix nicely and contain both black and white in one piece, just like the chandelier that you see on the above image.

Thank you for reading and hopefully you will find something useful in this idea post