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Special Offers

HAPPY ONLINE Christmas Shopping 

Beat the traffic, the problems of finding parking, the dilemmas of buying the right thing. NOW you can spend all the time you want browsing. Our online shop is open 24/7. Here are some of the items you can get... Happy online shopping! Shop Online...
E-Shop Featured

Style. Mirror. New models in our E-Shop 

A mirror is an essential piece in any room. Mirrors are probably one of items you will find most in our showrooms and e-shop.  Far from simply being a practical object in which to see your reflection. A beautiful mirror can be used to create...

Set the mood with the right lighting 

At the flick of a switch, we can control the ambiance in a room, how we see the colours of food on our plates, how well we sleep at night and our general productivity. Indeed, simply changing a room’s lighting can transform the overall tone...
Liza bedroom

New Arrival– Liza bedroom 

Introducing the new Liza Bedroom at a very attractive price. Give your favourite room a fresh yet calm palette of pale green and yellow combined with the soft hues of wood. Use flowers, cushions and ornaments to maximise the freshest of looks this season. Liza...
Home relaxing spots - Orienta signature armchair
Living Room, Lounge

Home Relaxing Spots 

Get inspired by our 6 Home Relaxing Spots ideas we prepared for you in the gallery below. An inviting armchair, small or large, by a sunny window, in a cosy spot or filling an empty nook, can transform a space. We use traditional methods and...