Great Expectations.

We love to meet friends and family in relaxed situations and when it is our turn to host, some are daunted by the idea, others are thrilled at the prospect of entertaining. If you want to impress your guests, first start with the little details of the decor.  Pleasant surroundings make best for good first impressions.

The way we dine has evolved over the years, there is no more a specifically designed room to share meal times and memorable moments with friends and family. When entertaining larger groups than the normal traffic at home, one can use a makeshift table with a pretty table cloth and decorations both indoors or outdoors. It is usually an open  plan kitchen that is  used for everything from daily dinner time with the kids, to weekly Sunday roasts with the extended family and the ever-so-occasional lavish dinner party. However if weather permits, outside in a garden, terrace or yard is a great way of entertaining in effortless style.

Blend sumptuous shades of purple and deep red to create a dining space brimming with grandeur and opulence. To create a striking focal point, use a rich shade of purples, and layer with mulberry accents for an eye-popping, yet pleasing, contrast. To enhance the luxe feel, accessorise with golden candelabra and rich velvet cushions.

Warming and lustrous golden shades, are perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere in your dining area. The perfect balance between sophisticated and cosy, this hue radiates happiness and positive energy

An exciting way of impressing your guests is to use  a theme.  Whether you are serving Asian, Meditteranean or Middle Eastern food, use colours that are associated with the particular cuisine.  For instance, if serving Mexican food,  use greens, yellows and oranges.  For Curries use reds and yellows.  If cooking Medditerranean, use blues and whites. Japanese instantly makes you think of modern, minimalist  decor using blacks and whites, touches of red.

The use of candles (real or LEDs) enhances the dreamy feel. Use different levels such as lanterns on the ground, candlestands on the table and more hanging lights. Like rows of fairylights.  Fairylights may also be scattered around a large or long table if you have many guests, this creates a feeling of unity.

All these exciting ideas are brought to real life in our room settings at Orienta.  Besides furniture you can find accessories that will make your mood complete. Cushions, lanterns, trays, bowls, glassware, candleholders, candles, fabric flowers, potted plants.  The suggestions are endless…