Offering this new range from our suppliers in Belgium.  The Kris range of MDF furniture with the look of solid wood. Functional study and dining room furniture.

This Industrial Style, type of furniture is becoming increasingly popular, with its black metal trimmings.  The oversized,  backlit bookcase offers enormous storage space.  The coffee and dining table with their crossed black metal legs give a robust and chunky feel.

The grey hues of the paperfoil go well with the metal parts, as well as the thickness of the wood makes it an important presence in the room.

  • Bookcase
  • Sideboard
  • Coffee Table
  • Dining Tables (extendable and various sizes)
  • TV unit

Shop the look and combine shiny silver ornamental pieces,  including lamps.  In-house-made runners and matching cushions (made to measure and chosen from our extensive range of fabrics). Look out for new arrivals  of rugs and matching cushions from India.  The ideal ensemble for the Orienta look!

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