Have a look at our “Orienta in-house designed” chairs and armchairs. Chairs and armchairs are items we specialise in at Orienta.  With so many years of experience in the local furniture and design business, we know a thing or two about styling and what our clients are looking for when looking for seating furniture.  We propose design ideas to our suppliers, and the result is usually a very popular chair, and what’s more, the prices are mega affordable.

From neutral bleached linens and microfibres to gloriously understated velvet chairs, we offer a fabulous range of armchairs, lady chairs and bucket chairs, which allow you to create a welcoming hallway, bedroom corner or living space.

Put into your space, one of our colourful armchairs and it will instantly feel like an established piece of furniture.

All our important chairs and armchairs are featured in our e-shop.  Browse and see what’s available, shop online, we will deliver for free (Malta only).

Visit Our E-Shop to see all range of our products available online.

Order from a comfort of your home. Enjoy detailed pictures of our products,  descriptions with dimensions and international shipping.