At the flick of a switch, we can control the ambiance in a room, how we see the colours of food on our plates, how well we sleep at night and our general productivity. Indeed, simply changing a room’s lighting can transform the overall tone of a room.. If you would like to find out where to place your lighting, to transform your home from room to room, read on…

  • The trick to transforming your living room with light is to use more than one light source in your living space. It is best to position table lamps around a scheme.


  • Bedside lighting should provide down light to allow reading, but not up light so that the room remains dark. Displaying a bedside lamp, on each of your side tables will make the lighting in your bedroom more balanced. Placing a mirror behind each lamp will project the light around all the nooks and crannies, doubling the light sources whilst keeping the bedroom beautifully lit.


  • They say beauty is in the symmetry and when it comes to lamps we tend to agree. Having a solo lamp can look great but when resting on a mantelpiece, console table or matching side tables, a matching pair of lamps creates the perfect sophisticated finish.


  • Placing a table lamp in a dark corner is a fantastic method to utilise forgotten space and make your room feel larger.  Remember to reflect your style in your choice of lamps.


  • When choosing ceiling lighting you must consider both the light it gives off and the appearance of the fixture. Think of the  shiny metal ceiling light as more than just an object that serves a function but as an accessory in itself. You don’t need to have really high ceilings to benefit from ceiling lamps.  Low hanging lights can look great over your dining table.


  • Standing lamps are great for adding height to a scheme and invaluable for lighting a solitary armchair. Those in our range have been carefully selected for their elegant properties. We have floor lamps in gold aluminium, brass, chrome and matt metal – some with narrow profiles to fit in the smallest space.

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